Benefits of Alternative Transportation

 Reduce the cost of your commute

The average 20 mile round-trip commute costs $216 per month, and $2,592 per year – even more if you drive a larger vehicle, or have a longer commute. 
Carpooling with just one other person reduces that cost by half; a VIA Metropolitan Transit monthly bus pass costs 1/5 that; and walking is free!

For more information on the cost of driving, check out AAA's annual study on "Your Driving Costs", and use the Commute Cost Calculator to find out how much your commute is costing you. 

Stop fighting traffic

The Texas Transportation Institute found that in 2015, the average urban commuter wastes 42 hours every year stuck in traffic jams – a full-time work week. Unfortunately, traffic jams at rush hour are unavoidable. So rather than bang on your dashboard and yell at other drivers, ride the bus, carpool or vanpool, walk or bike and use your morning and afternoon commute to catch up on the “Three R’s” – read, relax, and rest. 

Improve your health and well being

Taking public transportation, carpooling, vanpooling, walking or biking can all be less stressful than driving in congested city traffic. Research shows that your daily commute may be causing your anxiety levels to increase, your risk of depression to rise, and your blood pressure to spike. For more information on how your daily commute impacts your health, read Time Magazine’s article on “10 Things Your Commute Does to Your Body .”

Reduce air pollution

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, a typical passenger vehicle emits .693 grams of nitrogen oxide every mile, which pollutes the air. Reducing the number of cars on the road reduces the number of pollutants in the air, and thus improves regional air quality. Every person who chooses to forego solo automobile travel is doing their part to reduce air pollution and improve air quality for years to come.