AACOG Regional Mutual Aid Agreement

The Regional Mutual Aid Agreement defines cost reimbursement, liability, and insurance, among other parameters for jurisdictions seeking response aid in the event of an emergency. It covers response for all hazards (flooding, fire, or other disastrous events). More specifically, any event that requires emergency response from the following disciplines:
  • Public Works
  • Law Enforcement
  • Fire
  • Emergency Medical Services
This version of the Regional Mutual Aid Agreement is updated from the 2003 version and contains two major changes:
  1. Change of notification of responding agency expenditures from 2 days to 180 days
  2. Allowing 12 hours of operational service at no cost

How to Initiate a Regional Mutual Aid Agreement?

If your agency Regional Mutual Aid Agreement is the previous version (2003) or if your jurisdiction would like to initiate an agreement, please complete the following steps:
  1. Print the 2014 Regional Mutual Aid Agreement
  2. City Mayor or County Judge must sign the resolution page
  3. Complete all other jurisdiction and contact information
  4. Scan and send signed document to HLS@aacog.com.
Once the document has been received, AACOG staff will process for signature via DocuSign and we will send back the original document, keeping an electronic copy on file and add your jurisdiction to the Regional Mutual Aid Participant List.

If a wet signature is needed by your jurisdiction, send one original signed document to the following address:

AACOG Homeland Security
8700 Tesoro Dr. Suite 160
San Antonio, TX 78217

 NOTE: If you have a particular physical address that you want us to return the signed agreement to, please include that information in the packet.

If you have any questions, please contact James Minze, Homeland Security Coordinator (210) 362-5310 or via email.